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HR and operational effectiveness leadership with a global commercial perspective and expertise in creating HR policy, next-generation leaders and companywide collaboration

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Lisa R. deGuzman

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for various business lines leveraging IT and operations expertise in support of multi-million-dollar P&Ls.  Lisa possesses superior communication, training, motivational and coaching skills and consistently aligns human resources strategy with business goals and achieves significant improvements in key business metrics such as profitability, revenue, employee turnover and productivity. Lisa deGuzman is a strong leader with high ethical standards built around a powerful drive for minimizing risk/exposure and increasing shareholder value.


       isa deGuzman is an accomplished human resources executive with a proven track record of success in employment law, compensation, benefits, organizational development and enterprise human resources management.  As a dynamic leader with 15+ years of extensive strategic and tactical experience supporting senior executive management in large corporate enterprises and public sector organizations, Lisa has an exceptional ability to build rapport with all levels of management, understands the business needs, and develops custom dynamic approaches